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Operating Hours - Bluebadger Foods operating hours are 9am to 5 pm Monday to Friday. All contact will be made during these hours. 

Out of hours - Any contact made by customers out of the operating hours will not be returned until the team are back in the office. We are a team of 3, so please bare with us when waiting for communication. 

Processing Time is currently 1-5 days. We aim to / usually dispatch an order the day it is placed. 

If an order it made after Wednesday 3pm - it will not be fulfilled or dispatched until Monday. This is due to us not wanting your order to be left in the Royal Mail Delivery Warehouse. We want you as customers to receive the freshest and best product possible. 

Unfortunately due to the Nature of Bluebadger Foods products being freshly made Food Goods and some products even being of a Fermented nature, we can not accept any returns. 

We will only issue Refunds or Replacements within reason.


Reasoning needs to be given via email communication with Photo evidence for the best outcome to be determined.

We aim to process and dispatch your order within 1-5 days business days. If your order is placed on a Friday it will not be shipped until Monday because we do not want your order sitting in a delivery warehouse over the weekend. 

Orders are only dispatched Monday - Wednesday. 

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