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At Bluebadger Foods we try and be as sustainable as possible.

Find below the ways in which we incorporate being sustainable in our business

Our Kimchi is sold in Glass Jars. This is due to us wanting to reduce the amount of plastic we use within our business. 

We provide a scheme for customers local to us - return your jar for money off your next order. 

Kimmie's Kimchi
Seoul Sauce

On our 120ml Pots - we used recycled Kraft paper for the sleeves. 

Stickers used on the pots are made on sticker paper that can be recycled

At the beginning of our journey, we used recycled paper stickers. However, we later discovered they could not be recycled themselves. 

On all of our products, including our Decal Stickers - we now use stickers made of paper which is suitable for recycling when finished with them.

Kimmie's Kimchi Cooking Duo
Cooking Duo
Seoul Sauce Spicy Sidekick

As our products are made in our own kitchen facility, we do not use any industrial machinery to produce our products. 

Our products are not mass produces - each batch is unique (even when the same recipe is used)

We sell Reusable Korean Metal Chopsticks & Wooden Spoons to encourage sustainable living. 

We use these utensils ourselves daily, so want to encourage others so everyone can help contribute to sustainability

Chopstick + Spoon Set
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