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  • What is Kimmie's Kimchi
    Kimmie's Kimchi is a delicious Vegan Kimchi made by Bluebadger Foods. Kimmie's Kimchi is a product created by Bluebadger Foods and is Registered Trademarked.
  • Who is Kimmie from Kimmie's Kimchi ?
    Kimmie is a family member within Bluebadger Foods. If you notice on our packaging that some of our Cherry Blossoms have a Blue and Brown dot in the middle - this is not a printing error! This is to symbolise the amazing feature of Kimmie's Eyes! Kimmie has 1 Blue and 1 Brown eye, so we wanted to incorporate that Easter egg into our packaging!
  • How is your Kimchi different ?
    Kimmie's Kimchi is Vegan, Unpasteurised and Natural. It is fermented for 2 weeks before being listed within a drop and PH tested. We use Chinese Cabbages (Napa Cabbage) and Authentic Gochugaru. We only use the most Authentic Korean Ingredients & Recipe. The different between our Kimchi and other Kimchi is we DO NOT use Shrimp Paste, Fish Sauce or Seaweed (Nori). There is no 'fishy' taste in our Kimchi.
  • What is Gochu-jam & Seoul Sauce ?
    We are glad you asked! Gochu-jam & Seoul Sauce are Original products created & produced by Bluebadger Foods. After our original and Trademarked products were released - they've been a huge hit ever since!
  • What do you mean by Artisan Batches ?
    At Bluebadger Foods, we make everything ourselves! Each product is created in batches. Each batch of Kimchi makes around 7-8 Jars (approx 200g each). Each batch of Seoul Sauce + Gochu-jam makes around 10 pots (approx 100ml each). Each batch will be listed as a 'drop' where you can either order the current drop, or pre-order the next drop. Be quick because our drops sell out! Although every batch uses the same ingredients, recipe and time - no batch can ever be the same! That is what makes Bluebadger foods unique! We don't mass produce our products.
  • How many people work within Bluebadger Foods ?
    There are 3 of us! Mother and 2 Daughters! We are a small team but pack a mighty punch!
  • What company deliver your parcels ?
    As of November 2023, we use Royal Mail First Class to deliver all of our orders, with delivery upgrades available. After trial and error with different delivery services, we find Royal Mail is the most reliable, safest and cheapest for both us and our customers.
  • How long do orders take to process ?
    Process time = how long it takes for us to package your order and send it for dispatch. We aim to process your order within 1-3 Business Days. Delivery time can differ to this due to delivery being out of our hands and corresponding with Royal Mail's Time Frame. Everything is sent via Royal Mail. If your order was placed via a Pre-order, it will not be processed / shipped until the date disclosed within your email confirmation / product details at that time. Your order will be filled with a fresh batch whenever shipped.
  • Where are you based ?
    Bluebadger Foods is based in Hertfordshire
  • How do you test your products ?
    All of our products within Bluebadger Foods go through Lab Testing to gain shelf life, end of life and Nutritional Value. This information is True to Bluebadger Foods products and our products only. The results happen in real time. If any company is found to be using Bluebadger Foods Products results including Shelflife, Nutritional or End of life as their own - appropriate action will be taken to deal with this. Before any Kimchi is listed on our website, it is fermented for 2 weeks and PH Tested.
  • Can I return my products ?
    Unfortunately due to the nature of Bluebadger Foods products being freshly made Food Goods and some products even being of a Fermented nature, we can not accept a return. A refund/replacement may be offered within reason. Reasoning for refund/replacement needs to be given via email communication to Bluebadger Foods with Photo evidence for the best outcome to be determined. If damage is caused due to postal services - this is out of our hands and needs to be dealt with via the delivery company used (Royal Mail). Please contact if any issues occur.
  • I brought one of your Gift Sets - but didn't follow the labelling provided on the box
    If you have purchased any item from Bluebadger Foods and have not followed the labelling put on the item as well as the postal box - Bluebadger Foods are not liable for any issues that may occur. Bluebadger Foods label all products with the correct labelling in correspondence to Food Trading Standards and therefore are not liable for any damage caused if the consumer does not follow such labelling. We can not replace, refund or exchange any items if consumers have not followed labelling. If any issues occur - Bluebadger Foods should be contacted at the soonest convenience with pictures to prove and display the issue. From this, a resolution will be solved.
  • Where are you stocked ?
    Where you can find our products is ever growing!! Apart from our Website and Market Stalls, please look at our Stockist page to find stores we can be located. Follow us on Social Media to keep up to date with Stockist and Market information
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