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We are Bluebadger Foods! A Mother & 2 Daughters run Independent Small Business. Our Family is made up of Vegan's & Vegetarian's so we wanted to cater for everyone!


In December 2021, During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Bluebadger Foods travelled to South Korea (one of the team went to study at Yonsei University.) 

While over in Korea and going to supermarkets and restaurants in Seoul, we noticed there was a lack of Vegetarian / Vegan options. This lead to us having to make all of our foods back at our Air BnB. The creation of Kimmie's Kimchi was born!

After making many batches and sharing with Friends and Family and receiving rave reviews through 2022- we decided to bring Kimmie's Kimchi to local Farmer's Markets - Our First Stall being in December 2022.

As interest and demand grew for Kimmie's Kimchi, we grew from 1 market stall a month in March 2023 to Market Stalls every weekend from October 2023 all over the UK. 

After joining Etsy in September 2023 and gaining a lot of positive interest, we decided to create our own website!

Bluebadger Foods have a 5 Hygiene Rating & Based in Hertfordshire. 

We have all of our products Laboratory Tested for Nutritional Value & Shelf life / End of Life Testing. With this - comes ever changing BBE dates due to testing happening in Real Time. 

In 2024, we still make all of our products fresh ourselves before each market!



In Supermarkets - there is an increase in cooking sauces containing nasty chemicals like additives, preservatives and colourings as well as huge amounts of sugar. With Korean cuisine growing in popularity in the UK Market too, it can be frustrating when there is no actual Korean Ingredients in a 'Korean' advertised product. After researching the horrific chemicals in such products - We wanted to create our own! With this, Seoul Sauce was born !

Seoul Sauce contains Authentic Korean Gochujang and Gochugaru. 

Like Kimmie's Kimchi, after a lot of trial batches enjoyed by family and friends - we released Seoul Sauce in July 2023!

With a personal love for Chilli Jam amongst the Bluebadger Foods teams - we wanted to create one with a Korea twist. September 2023, Gochu-jam was created!


Here is our Original Design compared to now

Registered Trademark

Kimmie's Kimchi® & Gochu-jam® are Registered Trademarks owned by Bluebadger Foods

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