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Korean Wooden Spoon

Korean Wooden Spoon


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Korean Wooden Spoon


These spoons are hand crafted and are amazing for those wanting to reduce waste while cooking / eating or looking for a small gift for friends and family. 


These spoons are unique to others, offering a longer - weighted handle to allow easy use for adults and kids.


The spoon is packaged to order. Once purchase is made - Every spoon is mounted on hand cut & individually stamped card. The spoon is then wrapped with pink tissue and gift bag. Shipped in a sealed postal envelope. Perfect to give as a gift as is too. 


Can be used for both food consumption and cooking. Easy to clean. This Korean Wooden Spoon is a create kitchen accessory or tool. 


Whether making soup, eating cereal, prepping your morning coffee or create a delicious meal - this Wooden spoon is perfect!


Refund Policy : Unfortunately we can not receive returns on any Bluebadger Foods products. Please message if you have any queries.


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