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Korean Tableware Set

Korean Tableware Set

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Korean Tableware Set


Bluebadger Foods have curated a set perfect for any dining table. Using utensils from Korean Culture & Cuisine - this set is perfect for any occasion. 


We wanted to offer our customers a set consisting of products - at a discount price. 


The Set Consists of :


1x Pair of Metal Chopsticks

1x Pair of Gold Metal Chopsticks

1x Wooden Spoon

1x Leaf Chopstick Rest

1x Chopstick Grip Helper


If you were to buy each of these items individually it would cost you £21.50.


These chopsticks are unique to others, offering a squared off feature at the handle compared to other pairs (does have a rounded tip) - with finger grip indentations to allow easy use and perfect for beginners (Not Flat Chopsticks) 


This set is made to order. Once purchase is made - Every utensil is mounted on hand cut & individually stamped card. The set is then wrapped with pink tissue and gift bag. Shipped in a sealed postal envelope. Perfect to give as a gift as is. 


Chopsticks Not recommended on Non-stick pans as may scratch. As the Gold Chopsticks are Gold Titanium plated metal, the gold may (very unlikely) come off over time after many uses. We can not refund / replace the chopsticks after use. 


Only use for food consumption.


Refund Policy : Unfortunately we can not receive returns on any Bluebadger Foods products. Please message if you have any queries.


Images shown were shot by Bluebadger Foods and are Bluebadger Foods property and true to our products and our products only.

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