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Korean Metal Chopsticks

Korean Metal Chopsticks


10% Off on Orders £40+

Reusable Korean Metal Chopsticks. Dishwasher Safe. 

These chopsticks are amazing for those wanting to reduce waste or looking for a small gift for friends and family. 

These chopsticks are unique to others, offering a squared off feature rather than rounded - with finger grip indentations to allow easy use and perfect for beginners. 

Every pair is mounted on hand cut & individually stamped card, finished with string. The chopsticks are then wrapped with pink tissue and gift bag. Shipped in a a sealed postal envelope. Perfect to give as a gift as is. 

Message us if you wish to have the chopsticks individually wrapped if more than 1 pair is ordered. 

Being dishwasher safe is an added bonus! 

Not recommended on Non-stick pans as may scratch. 

Only use for food consumption.

Refund Policy : Unfortunately we can not receive returns on any Bluebadger Foods products. Please message if you have any queries.

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