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Korean Inspired Cooking Set (Vegan)

Korean Inspired Cooking Set (Vegan)


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Korean Inspired Gift Set - For any Occassion!


Bluebadger Foods has curated a box with our customers favourite products. This is a fantastic gift for friends and family or a perfect way to try out our different products. It also contains a product not yet released on our Website  - our Gochu-jam, a spicy savoury korean inspired jam. 


Gift needed for Valentines Day ? 

Have a friend or family member that has everything so stuck on a gift idea? 

Have a cook enthusiast in your life?

Need Birthday Gift Inspo?



Contents of box includes :

- 1 Jar of Kimmie's Kimchi (220g)

- 1 Pot of Seoul Sauce (120ml)

- 1 Pot of Gochu-jam (120ml)

- 1 Reusable Recipe card

- 1 3D Printed 'Bluebadger Blossom' Keyring


Our Kimchi is made in Artisan Batches, consisting of approx. 7/8 Jars per batch. Our Kimchi goes through a 2 Week fermentation process + PH Testing before being Jarred & Sold on our website. Seoul Sauce and Gochu-jam will be made fresh the day of dispatch.


Packaging Update - The Gift Set will now come in it’s white box inside a postal envelope - using Royal Mail First Class Small Package Delivery.  


DISCLAIMER - We are a small business and postage&packaging is developing as we grow. Please Note - once you receive your Gift Set, if you do not follow the labelling provided on the box & postage labels in regards to the correct direction/way to keep the box up - Bluebadger Foods is not liable for any damage caused if product leaks as it is out of our hands how consumers decide to store the product. We label it as much as we can - advised by Trading Standards and it is consumers choice to follow this. 


Bluebadger Foods is 5 Hygiene Rated. Shelf life and Nutritional Testing has been carried out by an official lab and has been fully verified. Such testing is true to Bluebadger Foods products and our products only. 


Kimchi Ingredients :

Napa cabbage, carrot, radish, spring onion, red pepper flakes, pear, ginger, garlic, onion, rice flour, water, sugar, salt


Seoul Sauce Ingredients :

White vinegar (Barley), Tomato Sauce: Tomatoes, spirit vinegar, Sugar, Salt, Spice and herb extract (contains Celery), Gochujang Paste: Brown rice, Water, Red pepper powder (salt, garlic, onion) salt, sugar, roasted soybean, soybean, alcohol, sweet brown, rice sugar, Yeast powder, Red Pepper flakes (Gochugaru).


Gochu-jam Ingredients:

Distilled vinegar (Barley),  Sugar, Water, Garlic, Red Pepper Flakes (Gochugaru), Corn starch, Salt, Water.


Return Policy : Due to the products in the gift set being fresh food, we can not accept returns on any food products produced / sent by Bluebadger Foods. 


Find full nutritional & shelflife labelling can be found on the jars. Keep refrigerated after opening. 

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