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Kimmie's Kimchi®  (Premium/Vegan)

Kimmie's Kimchi® (Premium/Vegan)


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Kimmie's Kimchi - Our delicious Artisan Vegan Kimchi made using only the most authentic ingredients and recipe (Baechu Kimchi)


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Gluten Free, Nut Free, Dairy Free, Unpasteurised, Natural, Vegan, No Additives or Nasty Chemicals and still delicious! The difference in our kimchi is we do not use fish sauce or seaweed. 


Our families love for Korean cuisine lead to the creation of Kimmie's Kimchi. After being unable to find Vegan substitutes when visiting Korea over the years, we thought why not make our own! We love to add our kimchi to Bibimbap bowls, Grilled Cheese Toasties, Kimchi Fried Rice and is amazing in Kimchi Jigae when you need a cold evening pick me up. 


Our Kimchi is made in artisan batches/drops - consisting of approx 7/8 Jars per batch. Each batch has a 2 Week fermentation process / PH tested before being listed on Etsy. Approx 200g per jar (a smidge extra is always added). There is a gap in-between the product and lid to allow fermentation and to minimise the kimchi 'popping'. 


Please Note : 2 WEEK Fermentation Process & PH Testing IS REQUIRED FOR ALL + ANY KIMCHI before selling - Due To The (GOOD) BACTERIA Within Such Products - as per under Food Safety Laws + Official Lab Reports. 


Bluebadger Foods is 5 Hygiene Rated. Shelf life and Nutritional Testing has been carried out on all of our products by an official lab and has been fully verified. 

All Nutritional Value and Shelf Life Dates on Bluebadger Foods products are true to our products and our products only.  


Your purchase will be shipped in a small mailing box, with the kimchi wrapped in bubble wrap and packing paper - using Royal Mail First Class Small Parcel Delivery. 


Disclaimer - Due to the nature of kimchi being fermented please take care when opening the jar - it may pop and gas may be released. 


Return Policy - Due to the Kimchi being a fermented food product, we can not accept returns on any food products sold by Bluebadger Foods. 


Kimchi Ingredients  :  

Napa cabbage (Chinese Cabbage), Carrot, Radish, Spring Onion, Red Pepper Flakes (Gochugaru), Pear, Ginger, Garlic, Onion, Rice Flour, Water, Sugar, Salt


Find full nutritional & shelflife labelling can be found on the jars. Keep refrigerated after opening. 


ALL Images shown were shot by Bluebadger Foods and are Bluebadger Foods property and true to our products and our products only.

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