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Gochu-jam® (Korean Chilli Jam)

Gochu-jam® (Korean Chilli Jam)




A Brand New Product created solely by Bluebadger Foods. No where else on the market is there a product like this! Exclusive to Bluebadger Foods - Gochujam ® is the new best Chilli Jam! An added bonus - it’s Vegan! 


Made using Gochugaru flakes - Bluebadger Foods created a Korean Chilli Jam made with under 10 ingredients! 


Our aim at Bluebadger Foods is to bring tasty Korean Inspired Cuisine to the nation - using as little ingredients and no nasty chemicals. The colour of the Jam solely comes from the Gochugaru! 


Gochu-jam ® is amazing on cheese and crackers, cheese toasties or great as a dip for Halloumi Fries, Mozzerella Sticks and more! At Bluebadger Foods, our favourite is having it in a Kimchi Cheese Toastie (using our Kimmie’s Kimchi ®). 


Size : 

120ml Taster Pot (DISCONTINUED)

180ML Jar


We are a small Independent Women Owned (Mother & Daughter) Business. 


All of our products are Lab Tested for Nutritional and Shelflife Value. These results are True to OUR PRODUCTS and OURS ONLY.


Gochu-jam will be made fresh the day of dispatch. (Dispatch will happen same day of order purchase if before 5:00pm / Dispatch will happen next day of order purchase if after 5:00pm)


Gochu-jam Ingredients:

Distilled vinegar (Barley),  Sugar, Water, Garlic, Red Pepper Flakes (Gochugaru), Corn starch, Salt, Water. (May contain Wheat)


Return Policy : Due to the products in the gift set being fresh food, we can not accept returns on any food products produced / sent by Bluebadger Foods. 


Keep all products refrigerated once opened. Shelf life & Nutritional Value can be found on product labelling.

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