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Chopstick Grip Helper

Chopstick Grip Helper


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Chopstick Grip Helper


Have you ever had chopsticks but just can’t get the hang of using them? This is perfect for you! 


Add these to any chopsticks you own to help improve your chopsticks skills so you can eat with style! Impress your friends knowing you can use chopsticks! (Even if you need the grip)


Compatible with a majority of chopsticks! (we haven't found any it doesn't work with!)


Helpful to Adults and Children (must have child supervision due to size, could be choke hazard)


All purchases will be in the colour Black.


Refund Policy : Unfortunately we can not receive returns on any Bluebadger Foods products. Please message if you have any queries.


Images shown were shot by Bluebadger Foods and are Bluebadger Foods property and true to our products and our products only.

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