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Bluebadger Blossom 3D Printed Keyring

Bluebadger Blossom 3D Printed Keyring


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Bluebadger Blossom 3D Printed Keyring! 🌸


Our Logo was hand designed by one of the Bluebadger Foods Team and we love it! It is hand drawn cherry blossom with an added twist! As the logo is so cute, we wanted to make it into Keyrings, and even cooler…. they are 3D printed! (in collaboration with Abi&BeauDesign) 


These keyrings are one of a kind !!! 


Notice the Blue and Brown dots in the middle? That isn’t a print error! Kimmie from Kimmie’s Kimchi has 1 Blue & 1 Brown eye - so we wanted to incorporate this into our logo! 


If your a 3D printer or Keyring lover wanting to find an extra one for your collection - this Keyring is a great cute, colourful addition! 


Great as a bag charm or to make your keys stand out from the rest - really it can go anywhere! (Not recommended on vehicles). 


Size - Blossom Part - 1.1inch x 1.1inch 

Keyring length - 3.1inch long


It is a 3D printed Keyring so please do take care


Logo is Trademarked and is not for use by any other retailer/business. Personal use only.


Follow us @bluebadgerfoods / @kimmieskimchi on socials! We are a Small Independent Women Run (Mother&Daughter) Business.

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