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Bluebadger Bibimbap ™

Bluebadger Bibimbap ™


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Bluebadger Bibimbap! - Drizzle It - Dip it - Top it. 


Bibimbap is a Korean dish consisting of Rice, a mixture of Vegetables, chosen protein and a designated sauce drizzled on top to combine everything together- Bibimbap Sauce!


Bibim in Korean means Mixing, and Bap in Korean in Rice. 


We developed our own Bluebadger Bibimbap to give the most amount of flavour with the least amount of ingredients. We create all of our products with the intent to taste Love in every bite. We use no preservatives, chemicals or additives in any of our products - the Red colour solely comes from the Gochugang.


Sizes :

120ML Taster Pot



Our sauce is amazing drizzled over Bibimbap Bowls, used as a coating for protein and can even be used as a dipping sauce for any 'picky bits'. It does have a spice, but is not wildly spicy. 


Because our products are so fresh - if you wish to receive a larger quantity or change the spice level, please feel free to message us!


Bluebadger Foods is 5 Hygiene Rated. Shelf life and Nutritional Testing has been carried out by an official lab and has been fully verified. 


Delivery : Due to Royal Mail'ss timing - Any orders placed after 3pm on Wednesday will not be dispatched until the following Monday due to us not wanting your purchase sitting in a warehouse over the weekend (we’ve seen this from previous experience). We want you to receive the freshest and best product. Orders will be jarred / packaged day of dispatch. (We do NOT ship Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)


Follow us @bluebadgerfoods / @kimmieskimchi on socials! We are a Small Independent Women Run (Mother&Daughter) Business. 


Returns - Due to this being a food item, we can not accept returns on any Food Goods sold by Bluebadger Foods.



White vinegar (barley), Gochujang Paste: corn syrup, red pepper powder, corn starch, wheat flour, rice powder, wheat, salt, distilled alcohol (barley), soybean, soybean powder, glutinous rice, koji, Sesame oil, garlic, sugar, soy sauce (gluten).

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