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Seoul Sauce® (Topping/Drizzle/Dip - Vegan)

Seoul Sauce® (Topping/Drizzle/Dip - Vegan)


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Seoul Sauce - Our Seoul Sauce is a delicious Vegan Cooking Sauce.


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It is a fresh homemade tomato based sauce and can be likened to similar sauces like Sweet and Sour sauce, however uses Gochujang and Gochugaru for added flavour and warmth. 


This sauce was created due to forever finding so many nasty chemicals like additives and preservatives within supermarket sauces. After many trial and taster batches - we found the perfect one! Every sauce is made to order, so will be made fresh the day you order. 


Sizes :

100ML Taster Pot

240ML Jar


With a Korean influence, it contains Gochujang paste for a nice subtle amount of warmth on the palette (we really do mean warmth instead of spice). For those who like life on the spicier side - why not try the Seoul Sauce's Spicy Sidekick made with Gochugaru to add an extra kick to your dish. 


Our sauce is amazing drizzled over Bibimbap Bowls, used to drizzle over chicken, fish or tofu and can even be used as a buffet dipping sauce.


Bluebadger Foods is 5 Hygiene Rated. Shelf life and Nutritional Testing has been carried out by an official lab and has been fully verified. Such testing is true to Bluebadger Foods products and our products only. 


Due to the nature of the product, it is seen as a 'concentrated version' so can be watered down to make it go further.  Keep refrigerated once opened. Find Shelf life & Nutritional Value on product label. 


The Jar comes in different packaging to the Taster Pots but still contains exact same product. 


Your purchase will be shipped in a small mailing box, with the Sauce wrapped in a gift bag, bubble wrap and packing paper - using Royal Mail First Class Small Parcel. 


The images shown are our Seoul Sauce used as a dipping sauce for Spring Rolls and our Seoul Sauce used as a drizzle on KFC style Fried Tofu.


Returns - Due to this being a food item, we can not accept returns on any Food Goods sold by Bluebadger Foods.



White vinegar (Barley), Tomato Sauce: Tomatoes, spirit vinegar, Sugar, Salt, Spice and herb extract (contains Celery), Gochujang Paste: Brown rice, water, Red pepper powder (salt, garlic, onion) salt, sugar, roasted soybean, soybean, alcohol, sweet brown, rice sugar, Yeast powder, Red Pepper flakes.

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