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At Bluebadger Foods - we pride ourselves on how we create our Fresh Premium Products

Kimmie's Kimchi

Our Kimchi is made in artisan batches. Every 'Drop' we release consists of that particular batch produced. Once that 'Drop' has sold out, it is a new batch that will be made and released. 

Each Batch we produce consists of 7/8 Jars of our Kimchi. All of our Kimchi is Vegan - avoiding seaweed (Nori) too. 

Our Kimchi is recognised as Premium due to the process we use being different to many other Kimchi suppliers on the market - with constant inspection of our Kimchi during the making and fermenting stages. We ferment our Kimchi for 2 Weeks before releasing it. We use only the most Authentic Ingredients & Recipe to make our Kimchi

We PH Test our Kimchi before every single jar is filled - which again is not something our competitors do. 

We only wish to sell a product that we would eat ourselves and is made with Love in every batch!

Being a family run business, this is at the heart of every product we create and produce.

We have had our Kimchi Lab Tested for a true Full Nutritional & Shelf life Value - as you read this we have other products soon to be released being tested now! (Unfortunately it does happen in real time)

Both our Seoul Sauce & Gochu-jam are made much like our kimchi - in Artisan batches. We like to make to order our Sauces so they are as freshly made as they can be for our customers. 

Both of these products have been created and developed by Bluebadger Foods and we are very proud of them! 

We wanted to create a product which contains the least amount of ingredients with no nasty chemicals, additives or colourings. The colour of our products is produced solely by the Gochugaru used!

We have had all of our products Lab Tested for a True Full Nutritional & Shelflife Value. 

Seoul Sauce
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